Loser Letters On the Stage Vs. Loser Letters On The Page

Hamilton, Warhorse, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time all bloserlettesrpagevsstageegan as novels and were adapted for the stage. The Loser Letters also falls into that category. What makes books good source material specifically for the theater? Or – more specifically – what makes this book good source material for a play? We’d like you to consider seeing The Loser Letters onstage this fall, so we’re going to check in with the adapter and director, Jeffrey Fiske to find out what can be gained by seeing the play versus reading the book.

What Isn’t Being Said

The Loser Letters is a series of letters written by one person. This doesn’t inherently lend itself to riveting moments for an audience to watch. “The main character is describing actions and describing things that are happening in her letters. It’s a matter of finding those actions and putting them onstage. Finding ways to present them.” Jeffrey has created an additional character for the stage – the inner demon to the main character. This addition to the story serves to make many moments from the page more dynamic.

What’s In A Genre

Poking through Amazon, you’ll find The Loser Letters falls under the Christian Books & Bibles and the Religion & Spirituality categories. What if that category isn’t quite your cup of tea? If you’re not reading books like that, why would you want to see  a play exploring those themes? “They need to put a work in a category” Jeffrey says, “And in creating a production – and I try to do this with any of the works that I’ve adapted – no matter what the original genre is, find a way to make this appealing to the widest possible audience. That anybody from any point of view can come in and can find value. The value is how the characters are drawn, what the goals of the characters are, how they go about seeking those goals, what they’re doing onstage. My goal as an adapter and as a director is to create a good show. If I create interesting characters doing interesting things.”

Bookish Perhaps?

You can always come to our production without knowing the source material. Or, you could jump in to the book and give yourself a sense of what to expect. You can pick up The Loser Letters here.