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The Loser Letters:

Review of The Loser Letters in National Review.

nationalreviewreviewimage“A play like this at Catholic University won’t ruffle many feathers (although some few social liberals were apparently off-put on Thursday). But what if The Loser Letters were to go on a tour that included some secular colleges?”

Profile of The Loser Letters in the National Catholic Register


“Writing and posting letters, Fiske surmised, works in a novel, but perhaps not on stage. Fiske solved the problem of
a lack of dramatic movement by creating the shadow, who is on stage throughout the performance and is played by Olympic and world-champion gymnast Chellsie Memmel, who is making her stage debut with The Loser Letters.”

Mary Eberstadt in National Review Online

nationalreviewimage“According to stereotype, religious believers aren’t rational; they’re backward, sexually repressed, prone to authoritarianism, and otherwise victims of their unfortunate inner weaknesses. As a Washington Post reporter put it immortally, speaking of American Christians, they’re “largely poor, uneducated, and easy to command.”



Playwright Jeffrey Fiske in The Federalist 

federalisttitleandpicDuring the first Off-Broadway run of “The Screwtape Letters,” we played routinely to 80 to 100 percent capacity, but only 30 percent of our audiences were church groups. Seventy percent were regular theater-goers. We knew this because the agency that sold the tickets could identify the ticket buyers as those who had purchased for other professional productions. We contacted many of those frequent ticket buyers, and they said that they chose “Screwtape” because they were tired of seeing plays about hopelessness.

Managing Director Christopher White in Crux

cruxarticlechriswhiteLike the works of Havel and Wojtyla, The Loser Letters is experimental and uses a non-conventional narrative as a vehicle for probing a young woman’s worldview that is relativistic, reductionist, materialistic, and ultimately devoid of any real hope.

 Catholic World Report 


The Washington Sun

loserletterswashingtonsunA great profile f our show  in one of the oldest independent newspapers in the DC area.

Verily Magazine

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