What Is (and Isn’t) the Play The Loser Letters?

Washington DC traffic is too insane and babysitters are too pricey to leave a night out to chance. But that’s just what we’re asking you to do when  you buy a ticket to The Loser Letters. To come in with an open mind and take a seat at the beautiful Hartke theater and give us your mind for a night

For Starters, Here’s the
Basic Information:

 From September 29 – October 9 at Catholic University’s Hartke Theater the play The Loser Letters will be performing. It’s a play about ideas – many controversial. It’s a play where one person sits and talks almost the entire show while other characters orbit around her to underline and enhance what she says. One of those characters is played by Olympic gymnast Chellsie Memmel who will use her technique onstage to create a demon-like character. It’s one of those plays that will engage your mind with the questions, “do I agree with what’s going on here?” and then go home thinking about it and talking about it for the next few days.

Here’s what The Loser Letters is not:

The Loser Letters is not one of those shows that you can just turn your brain off. It’s not a show with pretty people singing and dancing. It’s not a show with big names attached to it. It’s not a show with lines you already know and characters you’ve studied already.

That Said, Come Anyway

Despite all of these, we’d like you to come anyway. We’d like you to come and be outraged and upset. Or feel like your ideas are finally being heard. We’d like you to take a few hours and listen to some ideas being brought to life.  And consider your thoughts on what the play is saying.
When was the last time that you went to a show that truly made you think?
Tickets are available. Group rates are also available.  Here.