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The Loser Letters is Closing – For Now

Madeleine Murphy says goodbye on Instagram. @theloserletters

The actors have gone home. The costumes have been put away. The set has been put into storage. Yes, every sign points to it that The Loser Letters has finished its run at the Hartke Theatre at the Catholic University of America. Luckily, there are still plans for how you can see it!

Touring The Loser Letters

The creative team is looking to tour the show throughout the country. “The design has always been done with touring in mind for both sets and costumes and sound and lights as well,” says playwright and director Jeff Fiske. After the opening weekend of the show, Mary Eberstadt – author of the novel The Loser Letters – was approached by excited audience members looking to back a tour. Jeff Fiske is quick to say, though, that “Touring is a long process. We have to find booking agents and venues. That’s something we have to strategize.”

So in short: there are plans to tour, but not quite yet. “It’s a matter of finding the right venues and the right sponsors.”

Video Recording of The Loser Letters 

loserletterslobbyturnedcontrolroomIf  The Loser Letters  isn’t playing near you anytime soon, there is also a plan in the work to make copies of the show available to watch at home. In early Octobe, the cast recorded a video of the show. “We have to see what the final result is, but we’ve talked with Ignatius Press – the original publishers of the novel. They want to see what the video looks like before going any further, but we’ve already started the preliminary process with them of having sales of the show.”

In the Loop

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