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The Loser Letters is Closing – For Now

The actors have gone home. The costumes have been put away. The set has been put into storage. Yes, every sign points to it that The Loser Letters has finished its run at the Hartke Theatre at the Catholic University of America. Luckily, there are still plans for how you can see it! Touring The LoserRead more


Wrestling Demons: A Character That Is As Difficult A.F.

In person, Madeleine Murphy is kind and pretty. She smiles and laughs easily. It would surprise no one that she played the bubbly and earnest Kate Monster in her college’s production of Avenue Q. Now, however, Madeleine is onstage literally wrestling with an Olympic-caliber demon. When speaking to her about The Loser Letters and the character sheRead more

Kismet on the Set

Director Jeff Fiske and set designer Steven Kemp shared a brain for a moment while designing the set for The Loser Letters.   Final Weekend – Closing 10/09! Get Tickets Now!  


The Loser Letters Set Design

There is a balance between form and function that every set designer has to teeter through when designing for a show. There’s the challenge of creating the environment the characters onstage will inhabit while also working within concrete constraints like the size of a space. In our interview with Steven Kemp who designed The Loser Letters set we learn howRead more


Dressing Demons: Creating Costumes for The Loser Letters

Inspiration often comes at unforeseen times. For costume designer Emily DeAngelis and her team it came when a ballerina was walking in a circle skirt.”We were working on these bat wings.” Note: It should be stated here that Emily is designing those wings for the character of the Shadow. Played by Olympic gymnast Chellsie Memmel, the Shadow isRead more


Mary Eberstadt on The Loser Letters Adaptation

“It’s a great leap of faith – and I don’t mean a religious leap of faith necessarily,” Mary Eberstadt says about her book The Loser Letters: A Comic Tale of Life, Death, and Atheism being turned into a play. “This is about trusting other people. But that riskiness is what makes theater so exciting in the first place.” SheRead more

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Olympian Chellsie Memmel Takes to the Stage

 Anyone watching the Olympics right now can’t help but be awed by the abilities of the athletes. This year in particular, the American women’s gymnastic team has riveted us to our screens. By training every day, and by pushing their bodies to the limits of human ability, these gymnasts create breathtaking moments on the matRead more


What Is (and Isn’t) the Play The Loser Letters?

Washington DC traffic is too insane and babysitters are too pricey to leave a night out to chance. But that’s just what we’re asking you to do when  you buy a ticket to The Loser Letters. To come in with an open mind and take a seat at the beautiful Hartke theater and give usRead more


Loser Letters On the Stage Vs. Loser Letters On The Page

Hamilton, Warhorse, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time all began as novels and were adapted for the stage. The Loser Letters also falls into that category. What makes books good source material specifically for the theater? Or – more specifically – what makes this book good source material for a play? We’d like you to considerRead more